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We're not sure exactly what we're supposed to be seeing here, but her house doesn't really look FILTHY. We know . . . she left a knife on the kitchen counter. That's NOT GOOD - but how petty is he to be taking PICS OF ISH LIKE THAT.
Also, is he really upset that there is DOG SH*T . . . OUTSIDE where the DOG STAYS??? If he's so pset why don't he CLEAN IT UP insteda of taking pictures SMH . . .
Finally, the garbage is overflowing OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. Not good . . . but enough to take a mom away from her KID???
If he'd have accused her of neinga BAD MOM because of her THOTNESS, he might get a bit more sympathy from us. Anyways, what do y'all think . . . are we a bunch of DIRTY B*TCHES here . . . or is Wiz being PETTY???
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