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Chile we got the EXTRA HOT twice brewed STEAMING BET AWARDS TEA. According to TWO SOURCES - and they are 100% SOLID Nicki Minaj is F*CKING AROUND with hip hop star DEJ LOAF. We know it sounds crazy - but this is 100% FACTS!!
According to our insider, Nicki invited DEJ LOAF into her trailer a few minutes BEFORE the awards show. The, the BADDEST RAPPER CHICK asked ALL HER SECURITY and entourage to EAVE THE TRAILER - except for boyfriend Meek and Dej Loaf. The insider explained, "Everyone was panicking, because it was just a few minutes BEFORE the show - and they wanted to make sure Nicki looked PERFECT."
Nicki, Meek, and Dej Loaf stayed LOCKED in the trailer for a good 10 MINUTES - before BET presenters unlocked the door and went inside - to get them OUT.
According to MULTIPLE SOURCES who spoke to that presenter - she saw Nicki and Dej Loaf MAKING OUT - we're talking TONGUES AND ALL - and Meek was standing there watching with a HUGE SMILE ON HIS FACE.
And it gets better. We're told that Nicki and Meek MET UP with Dej Loaf and her GF at the BET AFTERPARTY just a few hours later.
Meek may actually be the LUCKIEST MAN ON EARTH!!
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